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Technical Center of Sincere Company Employs Foreign Experts
Mr. Antonio Mancin: male, 66 years old, Italian well-known expert for post-finishing of wool fabrics. He entered the factory and experienced the reform and innovation of almost half a century. He has been working in the largest post-finishing workshop in Puladuo, as director for 10 years and 11 years as a production chairman. He is particularly experienced in production management and post-finishing of woolen fabrics. In Italy, he has a lot of students and is even called "God of Wool Textile".

On his first visit to our company, Mr. Antonio said, "I'm not at all surprised to find you as the best in this industry and your products can find their market in all part of the world." "The technology that know not only belongs to Italy, but also to the whole mankind. I'm pleased to see a competitor for Italy because only through competition can the world develop forward."


Mr.Antonio Mancin(second on the right)is guiding production in the workshop


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