Enterprise Culture
1. The market will disregard you prosperity of yesterday, so products must be updated every year.
2. Only by denying our own products of the last year, can we build new prosperity in the new year.
3. "The survival of the fittest is far from enough", "the survival of the fastest" is important as well.
4. Drop in quality means loss of market shares.
5. An 1% mistake in quality will always lead to 100% loss of market.
6. Competition based on varied products means economic income while competition based on a sole product
°° means fatal failure.
7. A "weak" guy before customers is a strong one in his or her career.
8 . Emphasize "Self First" before "Customer First". If you don't have the
°° °°products with first-grade innovation and quality, how can you ensure
°°°°"Customer First".
9 . Competition in market is in fact competition in specialization and it is the
°°°°specialized product that wins the market share. To step into any
°°°°unknown field is dangerous.
10. All innovation comes from the innovation in market speculation.
11. We should develop new products and occupy new market through high patriotic passion and national
12. Advanced technology cannot offset out-of-date management; only advanced management can ensure the
°°°°best performance of advanced technology.
13. Personal honor can always win over his or her selfishness and laziness, so employees should be praised
°°°°more often.
14. To develop, the company has to understand the thoughts and actions of his staff.
15. Sustained development is decided by: system innovation and technical innovation, among which the former
°°°°is much more important than the latter.
16. Management cannot substitute reform and reform should be fast and
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